Who I Am

I am an Italian girl born in 1994 and years ago I left my birthplace.

In the morning I spend it with the children of a kindergarten, in the evening in front of the computer.

I was born during the years of the crossroads, 100 years after the beginning of a system that is presenting its account to us today. That red account that we are all starting to perceive.

I listen to people complaining about everything: the environment, the economy, the job, but above all I feel their frustration venting against those people who suddenly made themselves known. They came here, bringing with them the weights of places that we had never known until then.

I knew many of those people, because I too was a migrant. One by one they told me their stories, all with different accents. They told me about their travels, their joys and even their tragedies. Tragedies I heard about from different points of view, but from each of us. Tragedies that destroy borders, because they are experienced by people born thousands of kilometers away.

From there I started looking for the reasons for this escape, using a tool that we have underestimated for too long. I lay on the sofa with the PC screen in front of my eyes. Eyes in which words flowed. Words that told the origin of that evil that was suffocating all of us, forcing us against each other.

Through research I realized something: human suffering has a common denominator.

Now each of us is able to understand it thanks to unlimited access to all types of information and documents.
To inquire, before, one could only wait for the newspaper, the news or some magazine. Now just sit in a chair, write, click and read.

Each of us is given the opportunity to know, and when we know we have the opportunity to choose. Choosing is equivalent to being free.

They have talked so much about freedom that we no longer know what it means.

Knowing equates to freedom. It is for this desire that 84ground.com was born.